Retiring the blog

To anyone who still visits, it’s probably apparent that I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time. It’s been almost three months since the last post, and I can’t see myself posting again anytime soon.

I just don’t have anything to say here anymore.

So I’ve decided it’s time to retire poor ol’ Blog Ing.

Not without a pang — I’m fond of this little space on the web, dusty and unused though it is. There was a time when it was a hopping little place. But blogging isn’t as interesting as it once was, and I’m pretty sure any readers I have left can see the difference on the few occasions that I do write something here.

Sometime in the next few weeks — when I get around to it — I’ll archive the content and shut the doors.

I won’t be turning out the lights completely, however (I still own the domain and have hosting). I’m getting serious about my job search, and a fully developed portfolio website will be a lot more impressive than emailing a few PDFs when someone asks to see my portfolio.

Heck, a year or so from now I might even reinvent this as a place for people to land when they search the internet for novels that have my name on the cover (a guy can dream).

In the meantime, if you don’t already have some other way to stay in touch with me (assuming you want to), leave a comment and we’ll figure something out.

To everyone who has read Blog Ing, thanks. It’s been fun.

When I win the lottery…

I will buy one of these. Or better yet, that one. Because those things are difficult to find, and even if you did find one, it wouldn’t be as nearly flawless as this one.

And I will buy a whole bunch of land out here:

And I will build a nifty house, not big, but spacious, behind the hill where nobody can see it, and I will walk out my back door and shoot an actual US Type II Martial Henry Rifle just to prove that after 148 years, it still works.

And because $45,000 is too much to pay for something you’ll never use.